I want one

Yesterday was also a good day as Sally Page came to photograph us arranging flowers for one of her friend's stands. Sally is writing another book about using garden flowers and foliage in arrangements. Sarah Coward cut wonderful things form her garden, dahlias, sedum, pittosporum, copper beech, and flax leaves. With the addition of some hydrangea and roses, we made up two arrangements.
Sarah's work is quite simply wonderful, and you also couldn't meet a more friendly person. Her bronzes of horses, hounds and other animals are all limited editions of only 9. What caught my eye however was The Hound immortalised in solid silver. I appeal to everyone of my friends and members of immediate family - my birthday is just 3 months away, and falls quite close to Christmas!
Not content with admiring the art, I would also like one of these.

We also did some floral things

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