Local press

A very nice lady has just brought me in a few copies of a local glossy magazine that goes out to homes in the area. It would appear that we are featured in it, having been in the book and all. They have chosen to use the picture of me bending down, giving everyone a good look at my bosom. In the book this is a small photo, however they seem to have blown it up for the magazine. On the opposite page is a feature on another florist in a neighbouring town, who looks very sweet - I look like a strumpet.


Anonymous said...

Never mind. Sex sells!

Besides, lets face it, working on a local picture desk has to be fairly dull. (My personal favourite was front page of the Stamford Mercury with a spectacular road accident and the headline 'Motorcylist Almost Injured In Near crash')

I'm sure a pretty face and a comely bosom will bring joy to many.

Miss Pickering said...

It is what people think I am selling that worries me. No fewer than 3 men wearing macs have been furtling around the shop this afternoon.

Don't knock the Mercury...it's the oldest paper in the whole wide world don't you know!

Anonymous said...

All you need is for them to photoshop some beer steins into your hands and you'll have a whole new market

Miss Pickering said...

Beeer? Do you mind sir, you are lowering the tone of my blog, at the very least it would be a spiced mead. Now get back to your sun salutations.