Miss Pickering and the case of the evil potato plant

This afternoon I pulled up what I thought to be a weed growing out from underneath the patio. It turned out to be attached to these potatoes. Remembering a scene from Brookside, I fear further devilment may be lurking - parsnips, turnips, even swede. The Hound and I are moving.


Primrose Hill said...

Dear Miss Pickering,

Yes we do live rather far away up here in the fine glens of Bonnie Scotland where wife swapping has been rumoured to happen too....(only joking!!)

Hope you roasted those yummy looking tatties for your Sunday supper.

L x

Miss Pickering said...

Malheureusement I don't like potato! (I shall now be driven out of Lincolnshire for saying this.) It is a mystery as to how they got there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Pickering! Thanks for the add to your blogroll. I have reciprocated in kind. :-) If I ever make it over to the UK, I will most definitely need to stop by your shop- it looks divine! Sorry about your root vegetable problem. ;-)