Let's have a heated debate......

Whatever happened to Mrs Merton?
This year in the garden at the shop we have managed to grow a few select vegetables, by few I mean one solitary aubergine, some tasteless tomatoes and some butternut squash. I blame the lack of the sun, and not my complete inability to remember to water anything. It is the same in my garden at home, although we have managed some amazingly delicious sweetcorn, courgettes, rocket, watercress and mizuna. The rest have suffered with neglect - weddings seem to take preference over watering. I can see my neighbours tutting and whispering "look at that.....and she's a florist" The Hound hangs his head in shame.

So, the question on everyone's lips is how do we cook this one prize specimen? Aubergine Parmigiana? Moussaka?, chargrilled and piled up high with slices of mozzarella and beef tomato? Or does anyone have a mystical recipe that will turn a rather small, sad looking aubergine into a gastronomic delight? Answers by carrier pigeon please.

Yesterday we also ran a flower class - turning more ladies into Floral Goddesses, equipping them with the skills to head into the garden and snip foliage to add to exquisite flowers from the shop. Once again I was impressed by their skill and enthusiasm. We have been asked by so many people to hold evening classes, and these are coming soon - Email us, or leave a comment and we will let you know when they start.


Primrose Hill said...

Oooh, what to do with that aubergine....? Our butternut squash got frosted last month which is a bit of a shame, but the rest of the veggies were quite good. We've got some nice salads growing in the greenhouse that will hopefuly do us through the winter, mizuna, mibuna and mustard red giant, all very tasty!

Your Burghly do sounds rather posh, well done you.

We made it into CL mag this month in the Emporium section so I am a rather happy bunny this week.

Enjoy that aubergine, do let us know what you do with it!

L x

Primrose Hill said...

P.S. I'm crap at remembering to water too x

Miss Pickering said...

Frost? Thankfully we have yet to experience the onset of winter!
Congratualtions on CL - the phone will be ringing off the hook, we were in Emporium last year, and the response was overwhelming. I shall pop out and buy a copy now

Adam said...

For one small aubergine it's really only fit for a pasta sauce with garlic and chilli.

Miss Pickering said...

How would you suggest cooking the aubergine for said pasta sauce, sautee, roast chargrilling? Perhaps you could ask your personal chef? The Hound has found a recipe for baba ganoush he is keen to show off with.