Christmas Wreaths and fairy lights

Today was one of our Christmas Wreath courses, blue spruce, rosemary, myrtle, berried ivy, and holly were used as a base, and oranges, apples and cinnamon sticks wired in, all very fancy. The pictures are a little fuzzy - I blame this on the low light and not using a fast enough ISO and not the wine we all drank with our delicious lunch at The Tobie Norris. Fast ISO - I read that in a magazine, I have no idea what it means.

We hung them from the beams to admire whilst eating lunch. I had the meatballs for the 6th time in a row.

I had hoped to show you and the attendees a selection of wreaths I made up on Saturday afternoon - but we sold them. It seems Christmas is starting early with the good people of Stamford. Also don't tell The Mother Hen, but I may have put up some fairy lights and a few baubles on the twig trees Chez Miss P.

I have spent all day humming the tune If I were a boy by Beyonce. In my world the lyrics are a little different - If I were a boy, I would know whether you bleed radiators when they are on or off, I would not get my stiletto heel caught in the doormat at the petrol station, and I would most definitely not have found a brassiere attached to the twig trees, Easter was the last time they were used - one slice of Simnel cake and...... well I will spare my blushes.


Primrose Hill said...

Love those wreaths! I'm off to a Sarah Raven Christmas Flowers demo day on Wednesday, to say I'm rather excited would be an understatement!
My little elf decorated the Studio for me today so I came back from a fair to an ivy and berry clad grotto, rather lovely really.
Kisses for the hound, he is so cute.
L x

Miss Pickering said...

I am sure you will have a fabulous time- sounds like it is just what you need. I always think it is great for creative people to try their hands at something new, keeps us challenged and throws up new ideas. I might try my hand at lion taming.