Mr Lewis - Formula 1 World Champion 2008

Some say it was the most exhilarating racing lap ever seen, some say it is the dawn of a new age, all we know is that Mr Lewis did it. A McLaren driver is Champion and all is well with the world.

I could gloat and post the video of the falling faces of Ferrari in the pit, but I shall take the higher ground. Instead the unveiling of Ferrari's new logo - the prancing pony.


Anonymous said...

Would that be the breed of horse you require for your birthday? We were not aware that this particular shade of pink was "de rigeur" with you! After seeing poor Mr Massa's face I think the new Ferrari colour must be BLUE! (or should that be purple..... with rage)

Miss Pickering said...

I would prefer something in a brown, it will co-ordinate better with The Hound.