Preparations continue into the night

The Hound is having to type this as I have stuck my fingers and one eyelid together with photo mount. He is actually a dab hand with a laptop, and should he decide flower retailing is no longer for him, would make a good executive assistant.
Leaving updating the portfolio until the last minute probably wasn't the best plan. I have gone through 6 printer cartridges and jammed the guillotine, but at least there will be something to look at tomorrow - which is nice.
We have made lots of splendid arrangements (pronounced the french way of course) I have also fashioned myself a jaunty hat out of real life roses, some people seem to think it might be a bit much, what with the leopard print shoes and all. If you were expecting to see a girl in a fleece tomorrow, I fear you are very much mistaken.
Is photo mount toxic?

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