A work of art

The Boy Wonder painted by the most talented person I know, the wonderful Jo. She is taking commissions, and works from a photograph, shop fronts, houses and hounds a speciality. There is something rather magical about her work, absolutely everyone comments on the painting of the shop (see right) men in particular seem to be enthralled by it.


Tracey said...

Wow cant believe that the picture of the shop is a painting I thought it was a photograph till I read this post. What a talented artist! The Hound looks very dashing in this one too! love your blog and your flowers! especially love the video of Massa's dads face, one of my favourite F1 moments this year!

Miss Pickering said...

Talent indeed, she is currently working on "The Shop at Christmas"

If time allowed I would sit and watch that clip all day, that and the one with Mr Massa and his attached fuel hose.

Tracey said...

Ha Ha yes that was another Massa classic! He has been very entertaining this season! Props as well to his pit crew who had to run the length of the lane to remove it, hilarious!