Camera battery charger found

So back to posting pictures of actual things. More wreaths, blue spruce, pussy willow and eucalyptus pods.

Today a man came into the shop, and asked for four candles, I started giggling, he had no idea why, so in case he is reading here is the reason (it is not because I am demented)

For the last few days The Hound has been looking a little glum. He is fed up with pine needles landing in his bed, and I haven't had the time to keep fetching him cocktail sausages from M&S.

As a treat today he has spent the day with The Mother Hen and The Captain. He is now looking very smug, and snacking on some garlic bread.


Anonymous said...

I can report that the Hound was an angel all day and it wasn't really his fault that a Miss Pickering Christmas hearth arrangement of Ilex, oak and other assorted lovely foliage got in the way of one of his soft toys being propelled through the air. The resulting spillage and flooded carpet will be dry by Christmas! The joys of a Granddoggy. As he decided not to snack on the black & white feline occupant, the Captain was appeased with ease.....must be full of festive spirit

Joan -BORNAY- said...

I love your dog!!!!!!!

Adam Hill said...

Hmm I'm quite partial to M&S cocktail sausages myself, no cocktail party required.

Lucky Hound !!!

Although for the sweeter tooth I can most certainly recommend an F&M mince pie

Joan -BORNAY- said...

Thanks Miss.P!! We wish you a fabulous Christmas too and a good "entrance" to this new year, I hope that the 2009 'll bring us luck and happiness; well, and a lot of flowers! :)