Questions, questions, questions

Tell us Miss P, may I call you that? Do you ever do flowers for real life Princesses?
Funny you should ask, here is one I made for HRH Princess Anne just yesterday.

You have some very smart new vases in your shop, does this mark a change in direction for you? No, it is a one off homage to my beloved boys at Vaas

We very often wonder if your house is filled with fresh flowers?

Today you are off to have a glamorous makeover as part of your birthday present from The Mother Hen, you have to take a picture of someone whose look you admire. Who is that ?
Miss M

Rumour has it you have been dancing to Ladyhawke - does this not seem a bit "young and trendy" for Miss P?

It is my birthday on Sunday, I am having a midlife crisis, the Porsche is being delivered tomorrow, I have bought a leather jacket and taken a young lover.


Adam Hill said...

My Dear Miss P
I'm sure your far too young and fair to be having a mid life crisis !

Are you sure your not having a belated teenage tantrum ? If so please have the Porsche sent on to my good self at your earliest convenience. I think I am closer to the said crisis and therefore more deserving !!!
Yours in anticipation
Mr H.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! Miss Pickering is used to having gifts bestowed upon her......as would any princess. She is indeed too young for the aforementioned mid-life crisis, suitable admirers with deep pockets and a generous dispostion are invited to apply, after....... strict vetting!