Know your customer

Today started out as a good day, a little early at 4am, but a good start none the less. One of our packaging suppliers delivered something for Valentine's Day, and with it a Galaxy caramel bar. They do this every time they deliver, a thank you for your order kind of thing, sometimes it is Green and Blacks, once it was a Hershey bar. I shared a little with The Hound, don't all call the RSPCA, he had the caramel part. Here he is looking just dandy.

As the afternoon went on the day got gradually worse, mainly due to people trying to sell me things. Not the usual electricity, or telephone supply calls, but wedding sales calls. Now, I have a sales background, but even to the uninitiated calling a florist to sell them wedding advertising on a Friday afternoon is just foolish. Any florist worth their salt is busy actually doing a wedding, and doesn't want to chat.

Would you like to advertise on our CD-Rom? No I would not, who looks at those? Unless they are all forced to watch the adverts like on 4 on demand, or at the cinema - what is the point? Would I like to advertise on our chav wedding website? No thank you, May I ask why? - the fatal question, if they are pleasant I tell them we don't have any money left in the advertising budget, if they are pushy, I tell them exactly why.....

Rant over, thank you for listening, as a reward here is a picture of some flowers, I hope you all have a lovely evening, I think mine may involve a glass of the good stuff. Tune in tomorrow for more on that Valentine's Day packaging - it is not red - deal with it.


KELLY said...

may your day come full circle with more choc and tipple to enjoy tonight. (i can not stand sales calls of any kind so i understand your need to rant)

lovely fleurs by the way. off to the pictures now with my beau. sneaking in green and blacks (don't tell) xxx

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

How very strange
I too had a similar call this week regarding a wedding DVD, from a bridal magazine. Of corse before the sales pitch I got a couple of compliments about our work and website etc. Having been up with the Larks, I was one step ahead and before she could get into her stride, I threw in the advertising budget line, thanked her for calling and hung up. How very irritating, that people keep calling to sell me things that I most certainly do not want.

Love the Dolly Parton hours of business sign, could you make one for me with a Ronny Barker "Open all hours" kind of theme. ?

Yours Mr H.