Presenting the results of the Great Valentine's Day experiment

On Saturday I conducted what will become known as the Great Valentine's Day experiment. I would say n=98.

Several bouquets were made up as an alternative to the dreaded dozen. Every single man chose the one with the red roses, most ladies chose a more vintage pastel palette. In conclusion, we will do our best to influence their decisions, and we have decided that mixed with a hot pink, Amalia rose, anenomes, and some of those dark and brooding Ronaldo tulips - red roses on Valentines ain't all bad? I will do my best ladies, if he is insistent we will make them beautiful, and not at all Sheldeon like.

Meanwhile, Martha Stewart has felt the need to defend her staunch stance on pencils. I can't help but think creativity is an individual thing, and if you want to use a Hello Kitty fruit flavoured marker pen, you should be allowed.....only please not in my shop, traditional red and black striped HB only if you please. Still you have to hand it to the woman, the defence comes with 2 links to stores where you too can purchase her standard issue pencil.

Do you write with a biro, scribble with a 2HB or like me use a fountain pen filled with purple ink?


manny r said...

I am still a loyal fan of the dozen bouquet of red ecuadorian roses. They never go wrong every Valentine's Day.

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

Its a biro and a rollerball for me, nice ones though.

On a slightly different note, am I correct in thinking that Martha is still "Banged Up" at a maximum security penitentiary for a difference of opinion with the IRS, or have I got it completely wrong ?

Yours Mr H.

Anonymous said...

Cross fountain pen for me everytime........I do however get very cross if anyone else uses it!! Only boring blue ink although I like the purple idea very much, would match my new leather and cashmere lined gloves too, still haven't found the handbag yet though!!!