Running away to join the circus

The Hound has returned. Did I tell you he ran away to join the Chinese circus? His head was turned by a pretty lioness. He returned this morning, evidently circus animals do not sleep on beds of Egyptian cotton.
Today, I have felt like running off. I am having the ultimate bad hair day, caused by my air styler blowing up, and getting caught in a rain storm delivering flowers - the recipient was not even in. To those that think delivering flowers must be the best job in the world, think again. People are never in, houses do not have numbers or names, sometimes you are greeted not with a smile but with a "he needn't think he can win me round with flowers"
Or as in today's case where we were given the incorrect address, the lady who answered the door was so pleased "I can't believe he remembered" said she, problem was he hadn't, they were for the cottage around the corner. I felt so bad for her, I returned to the shop and made her a little posy. My main reason for feeling blue involves shoes.. Yesterday I purchased a pair of leather pixie boots, hoping that I would look like this. I don't.
It doesn't help that in my haste to procure a sale bargain, I picked up a pair of wide fit boots. My feet are not wide, hips yes, bosom most definitely but my feet are slender and I have the daintiest ankles - quite how I remain upright is a mystery.
Mental note made to stick to expensive shoes in the future.


KELLY said...

poor sweetie.

you were so kind to take that lady a posy of her very own...for the bad day that you were having you must have made hers extra special. you're good at that!
top shop often lures me in too. i have avoided the shops thus far though so no sale mishaps for me. i am not buying anything new until spring is in the air...sigh...spring wardrobe be here now please.

miss p...if you were a shoe then the red shoes you would be! xxx

KELLY said...

oh and good decision by the hound to return!

FlowerGirl26 said...

I would very much beg to differ! I delivered flowers during my teens (before the invention of SatNavs) and I still think it was the best job in the world. Two nasty customers in almost 4 years? Compare that with two every half hour here, I will gladly take delivering flowers any day of the week. P.S: Hound looks v cute in his pic.