Stroke of genius or massive mistake? - you decide



Yes it is yellow, and yes the top is blackboard, so we can write prices and stuff, love messages, recipes, shopping lists, or the names of cheeses.

Taupe be gone, it is all about accent colours now - but not an accent wall - WAG's we are not.


carwash babe said...

the changes are gorgeous just like your glam self I really must make more of an effort or I will be thrown out to the kerb x

Ali said...

I say genius. Especially the blackboard.

KELLY said...

it's a winner! absolutely yes. i'm about to paint our standard lamp and will probably be braver since seeing your colour choices. how was opening day? x

Miss Pickering said...

Well it would appear that it has been a good decision, customers have given it the thumbs up, albeit with one notable exception.
Embrace coloured furniture and leave the tasteful Farrow and Ball for the walls

Anonymous said...

miss pickering, what happened to your website???!!