Valentine's Day

The Hound and I are sitting discussing Valentine's Day over a bowl of soup (homemade smoked bacon and butternut squash) We are actually discussing the forecasted high price of red roses and the euro exchange rate, the challenges of it falling on a Saturday and our hatred of a dozen red, but you don't come here to read about such trials and tribulations.
To The Hound love is a packet of tripe sticks and a good smoked pigs ear, he is also partial to a good back rub, which sends him into a cloud of tail wagging , followed by a twirl of contentment but thankfully sans the post-coital cigarette
For me it is a kiss, a full on hollywood kiss, the type that literally takes your breath away, leaves you weak at the knees, and your lips plump for days. I think kissing is my favourite thing to do in the world. I love it more than ice cream, even pistachio.
This is as far as we have got in our Valentines discussion.


Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

Fear Not
I am predicting that the pound will rise strongly against the Euro next week, due to gloomy economic forecasts in the Euro zone. As a result the price of roses will only rise in line with previous years ( Gosh I actually sound like I know what I am talking about !!!)

Re :- your favourite things , Do you like kissing even more that Butterscotch pecan cake ?

Just in case here is a ...x... from me

Yours Mr H

Miss Pickering said...

My Dear Mr H,

The pound may have risen a little, but my gosh I had the actual prices for a grand prix 90cm, and it does not make for happy reading. Thank goodness we are not with a relay, and can ban the wretched things.

Also, yes I do prefer it to a Butterscotch Pecan.

Miss P