Currently obsessed with...Paris

The Hound and I would like to move to Paris. In preparation, he has downloaded French for dummies onto his i-pod touch, and popped over to Princess Pooch* for a shampoo and set. We would also like to:

1. Have our hair cut in a bob a la Amelie, 2. Eat pretty things in pretty boxes from Laudree 3. Sit in cafes with marble topped tables, discuss philosophy, and read Le Figaro 4. Swoon at the sight of La Tour Eiffel 5. Live in an apartment like The Cherry Blossom girl - incidentally a fabulous blog full of fashion and divine images of Paris. 6. Buy flowers and candles from Christian Tortu the tomato leaf candle is the most beautiful scent in the world.

Bon week-end!

*If you happen to have a hound and reside on the Stamford area, you must try Princess Pooch, just opposite us on St.Paul's Street. The Hound has returned looking as pretty as a picture.


Primrose Hill said...

Our pooches get dunked in the burn daily......! Although Moss has turned into a bit of a water dog so has a swim in the burn at every opportunity, especially if there is a stick to be grabbed......x
Happy weekend to you.x

L x

KELLY said...

can i come too? i find it impossible not to obsess about paris. i am off for a much overdue haircut next week...i dream of looking like miss tautou and i know there is no way on this earth my hair will do what hers does...but i still dream! maybe baking macarons this weekend will ease the heart? bon weekend! xxx

KELLY said...

p.s. the hound will be fighting off the pretty stammy pooches looking that good...ooo la la! x

Miss Pickering said...

Please do! You will need a vintage suitcase and a jaunty hat, and bring macaroons for the journey