Easy Living magazine April 2009

Judging by the first flick, a very good issue. 1. Floral dresses, 2. Yellow interiors - my current favourite 3. Big hair, I would like to achieve this look for a party next weekend, how is it done?


Janet said...

a hell of a lot of backcombing I reckon...so cool though!

Mrs Jones said...

To make big hair you will need:

A hair piece
A lot of back combing
Even more hairspray
And many a prayer to prevent even the merest amount of precipitation.

I say forget it and wear a yellow, floral print dress instead!


Anonymous said...

This post popped up on 'You may also like', and I do! I'm sad about Easy Living though - not liking the changes recently...
Very excited about your collaboration with Lotte & Bloom. I went to her fantastic London workshop recently. I do hope your real-life project is a flower school I can come to or a book i can buy! I love your work - it's a great inspiration.