Living in a world of gardeners

Before stepping out for a dinner of scallops on Friday night, The Hound, The Aristocrat and I watched the "new and improved" BBC Gardeners world.

Sadly we didn't find it improved, it has become a mix of Ground Force and Top Gear, but without the funny bits of TG. I much preferred the more authoritative voice of Monty Don (on the right) even if he did have a dreadful predilection for loose linen clothing and man bags. The new chap Toby (on the left) has a much more "let's all muck in " sort of approach, and I didn't hear a single word of Latin.

The Aristocrat did however like Alys and her new "sparkly eye shadow "look , also am I the last person in the world to use the phrase "stepping out"? Later I may bring you the tale of the most expensive loaf of bread in the world.

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Mother Hen said...

One for your diary, Countryfile is now on at 7pm on a Sunday evening....perfect!