This weekend we have been mainly

Watching the garden grow, the angelica is in flower and I am resiting the temptation to chop it down and put it in a floor standing vase. Do you cut from your garden? Or is that sacrilege?
I did however do a lot of tree lopping, with some telescopic loppers - I am considering a new career as a tree surgeon - it was that much fun.

The Hound spent a lot of time surveying the damage his running and gymnastics does to the lawn. His conclusion was astroturf.

Getting very lovely presents, I love presents even more than tree lopping, especially when it comes in a box with Dior on it.

We have also been watching the Monaco Grand Prix - can you tell we are not as enthused as last season? Where has it all gone wrong with McLaren? But like an old friend, a love, we stand by them through the bad times - jut sometimes a thank you would be nice, a few points?, a podium?, an all areas pass for the next race?

We have also been spending a lot of time being inappropriately overdressed in 1950's sundresses with big petticoats and heels.

Delightful things to follow later in the day, did you all have a good weekend? xoxo

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