A mutant stem of lily of the valley

It couldn't possibly go in a bridal bouquet could it? Much better I spare the bride and bring it home to pop by my bedside.

Things are looking up, The Aristocrat is taking The Hound and I to dinner, sometimes all a girl needs is the opportunity to wear a posh frock and some **** me shoes.

Have a great weekend, thank you so much for reading and for your comments. Next week we have a whole lot of weddings to bring you strangely all with a hint of yellow. I am currently loving all things yellow, more on that soon. xoxo


Mrs B said...

May I congratulate you in your attention to detail - no Bride should carry a mutant stem. A crystal champagne flute is surely the best place to live out your days in.

Beautiful pictures as always.

Miss Pickering said...

Mrs B

A few more found their way into said champagne flute, they are doing remarkably well given their mutated state.

Thanks for reading
Miss P