Real or fake?......you decide - the results

Let's play a little game shall we?, after all it is raining.
Are these arrangements that reside on our wedding table made from actual real flowers or are they made of nylon?

Answer by 4pm - there is no prize......it's just for fun.

Edit......it was a trick question, both arrangements are a mix of real and fake, I wanted a bigger display for our wedding table, but have neither the time, inclination, or money to redo them every week. The jury is still out on whether or not I can live with the fakery.

Also it is not a walking stick, it is the handle to my whicker basket on wheels a la old ladies, perfect for being al chi chi at the farmers market.


Sarahjp said...

First one fake, second one real..

Anonymous said...

Is that your walking stick in the background?

That's what high heels do to you.