This weekend we have been mainly

Acquiring a sideboard and chair

Rediscovering the joys of glitter eyeshadow - I care not that it isn't age appropriate.

Watching lambs frolic - we think number 2 is the cutest
Topics of conversation have been:
The collapse of the political system
Katie and Peter
Can Captains of ships really marry people?
The Mother Hen's purse full of coupons
The dumbing down of the Chelsea flower show - Nikki Chapman as a presenter? No thank you.
The fact that The Other Miss Pickering finished 23rd out of 4,000 in the race for life.
Getting all foolish over Melody Gardot - this is music to fall in love to.

1 comment:

blue moss said...

i love your sideboard and chair...i have been searching for a sideboard, so i am supremely jealous of your lovely piece.
....and your fun glitter eyeshadow.
thanks for visiting and for the daisy garden bracelet love....i do ship to the uk, by the way, the option is in my etsy shop if you are interested.
all the best