Good things

Uno. Meeting up with old school friend and fellow blogger Kelly, her gift of homemade pistachio macaroons was so sweet, and incredibly delicious. What do two bloggers talk about? Gocco, letter press, inspiring blogs, old school friends and their whereabouts, ribbon, recipes, books and shoes.

Due. Filling every available vase and jar with sweetpeas

Tre. New gold shoes, perfect for tango evenings

Quattro. Meat free Monday Mark III, salad of lettuce, angelica leaves, mint and nasturtium flowers - all from the garden of Miss P, served with Chargrilled Halloumi cheese, The Hound and The Aristocrat have yet to be convinced that flowers and sheeps cheese are food, and are polishing off the macaroons.

Other good things have included: Rose wine, slutty red nail polish, hot summer days and sultry evenings, Wimbledon, Hickstead and Glastonbury coverage on the BBC.

Not such good things have included, mowing over the lawnmower cable - how the devil to you fix it? Being served Waitrose "Essentials" coffee, humid weather making one's hair curly, and The Hound has dug up more of the lawn.

Tomorrow....some weddings

1 comment:

KELLY said...

miss p it was a pleasure to bake for you! and so lovely to get together...we must do it more often...if for the sole reason that there are so many more letterpress conversations to be had : )

thank you for the tour and good food. i'm wishing i lived a bit closer now! xxx

(oh and i couldn't imagine the hound being any more wonderful but in real life he's a heart melter! x)