What florists do of an evening

1. Watch the last in the current series of Ashes to Ashes

2. Fill vases with grain for a corporate order tomorrow

3. Realise due to last minute increase in number of arrangements, there won't be enough grain.

4. Hit upon marvellous idea of filling vases with empty water bottles to utilise less grain.

5. Drink 3litres of water in 30 minutes to free up said water bottles.

6. Spill a lot of grain on the sitting room floor

7. Yes that is a tree, and no it isn't.


Haunted Isles said...

Looks like my evening has been similar to yours in that I've been watching Ashes to Ashes and blogging about it.

Anonymous said...

Another lovely post. I bloomin' love your blog, Miss Picklin'

You must be pleased that Ashes to Ashes has finished and that you can have the clothes back that you loaned to them.