Flowers for a Friday

Poppy heads, viola, mint, sweetpea, gladioli, larkspur, rose.....all there.

This weeks flowers are dedicated to a couple who packed up their trunki, and voyaged to distant lands to say "I do", congratulations Mr and Mrs W. They are also dedicated to The Captain's arm.

The napkin thing will come next week, it has taken on a life of it's own, I may also then have time to tell you of The Hounds encounter with a snake, a new recipe involving fresh lavender, a new cocktail, and tales of a wedding.

This week there have been a few florists sharing dark secrets.

Have a fabulous weekend, we will be weddings, listening to vintage Madonna, laughter, and wearing those new shoes. xoxo


Kate Holt said...

oooohh,that's pretty. It's misleading. Looks simple and sweet but has a lot of complexity. Love it!

Riddler's Cottage Flowers said...
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