Earl grey

It is a grey rainy day today, I spent far too long blow drying my hair, only for it to curl the minute I stepped out of the house. The Hound is not amused by my attempts to jolly him, and has refused to have his picture taken. The bruises on my derriere ( a slight mishap last evening) are a lovely shade of purple, and I have left my lunch in the fridge at home.

But all is not lost, we have a whole host of teapots and cups to fill with roses for a wedding at Burghley.

On another note, my friend, groom to be, and all round good egg, Dan Twiddy has had his Navarra nicked. Have you seen it? Were you offered one in the pub last night? Has the man tarmacing your driveway turned up in a new truck this morning? Contact the police on 0116 2222222.


KELLY said...

ah yes. an earl grey day indeed. although mine is an earl grey rooibois day which frankly isn't quite the same but the girl is trying to be good.

wavy hair ahoy here too. hope you've treated yourself to a nice town lunch to make up for the morning's mishaps! Xx

Mrs Jones said...

Your poor bottom - it does get into trouble doesn't it! x

Anonymous said...

Gracious - they nicked his car with all that writing on it - rather obvious! Silly people. I hope they are caught.
No Earl grey for me - makes me a little ill after having it with morning sickness - sorry TMI. I'll have English breakfast please.
Chin up! Suzi x