Extreme floristry

An outdoor wedding* in a gale force wind requires some last minute engineering to ensure the flowers don't end up participating in a wedding 3 miles away.
Rocks and wooden stakes did the trick.
Never before have I seen so much work by the bride and her family. Metres and metres of bunting were sewn, all the tablecloths were homemade, as were the cakes, scones, and hundreds of luggage labels stamped with guests names. Even the groom had a Martha moment. I can't wait to see the professional photographs.

* The wedding was held outside as it was a Humanist service. Whilst not legally binding (they did the legal bit a la registry office the day before) it means that you can get married in your back garden, on a boat, or at a Lyveden New Bield The law in England and Wales means you can only legally get married in a licenced building which is a permanent structure.

There are many more tales to tell of this wedding, but let's just say without the help of The Stamford Hen it probably would have looked a lot less beautiful, and they sure were the cleanest flowers ever seen xx

The day was perfectly rounded off with Mr F cooking hake in a green peppercorn sauce.


Mrs B said...

All the best florists secure things with super strength tape .... what would we do without it?
I went to a Humanist funeral on Saturday. It was the most beautiful and personal service I've been to.
Gorgeous flowers and yummy looking food as always ...thank u for your labours x

Sue ~ Granny's World said...

http://www.crashtaylorblog.com/2009/08/25/rebecca-and-timothy/ - some of the pictures (-:

Miss Pickering said...

Oh my gosh they are amazing photos, will email Crash and see if i can out them up here too.