Miss Pickering and the five fishes or get thee to a tackle shop

To make this delicious meal of trout baked in a salt crust with preserved lemon sauce you will first need to catch a fish or five, yes that is five fish I caught.

To catch your fish you must first procure the guidance and tuition of gentleman Angler Mr March.

He is the most lovely man, and I can't recommend a days fly fishing in a boat on Rutland Water with him enough. I am hooked, and can't wait to go again, I would also like to try river fishing, thigh high boots are making a big comeback this winter. By a bizarre co-incidence the delectable Mr Warner was also extolling the virtues of trout, and it won't be long before we try his recipe for trout croquettes

If you are reading this and thinking I don't do fish or fishing, you must still head to your nearest tackle shop. In amongst the rods, waders and strange waistcoats with 57 pockets, is all of this.

It was like being in a haberdashery, feathers of all colours, sparkly twine, and all kinds. Normally used for the making of flies(a fascination of it's own) I feel sure that some of these feathers will end up in bouquets, or at the very least in my hair.


Anonymous said...

You are one clever - fisherwoman!
Go YOU x

Mother Hen said...

The trout was indeed the most delicious the Captain and I have ever tasted, we are now surfing the net, looking at advertisements for fish smokers and youtube videos of how to fillet trout........do you think I am too easily influenced?