Amnesia rose

An appeal to all florists and brides, please can we calm down on the Amnesia usage?

It is such a beautiful rose, that when I first encountered it a few years, I thought i would never be able to love anything else again. Now my love for them is fast dwindling, they are everywhere, in every bridal magazine, every "stylist" is using them, and I fear they are losing their cache.

Shall we make a pact? Let's give them a rest for a while, and use something else. Perhaps Cherry Brandy could be the next big thing?

If you simply must use them, here are the answers to the FAQ's in my inbox.

Bride: My florist can't get them, where do you get them from?
Miss P. They are available through any decent wholesaler, if your florist can't get them, change florist. Harsh, but any florist is only as good as their suppliers....

Bride:I would love to grow them in my garden, do you sell plants?
Miss P. No it is not a rose available as a rooted plant. Try Intermezzo from Beale's roses.

Florist: How dare you suggest I shouldn't use them, who do you think you are?
Miss P. Calm down dear it's only a commercial.

The Hound: Please can we go home now?
Miss P. Not yet

Reader: Is it annoying that your computer crashed 17 times whilst trying to write this post?
Miss P. Yes

Reader: It has been a strange week on this blog, when will you get back to posting twee pictures?
Miss P. Tomorrow

Reader: What does an Amnesia rose look like?
Miss P. It is the one on the far left, I used these images, as I still can't get over the fact that I took them and they are completely unedited.


Anonymous said...

Well I have just been "Informed" - We have just had this rose in our shop - so perhaps we are a GOOD florist as have good suppiers ( hehe)
Not too much call in bouquets as yet, perhaps we are a little behind the eight ball.
Love you images - editing??? what's that?
Looking forward to more "twee!"

pamela said...

i think cherry brandy is a delicious choice... or illusion where did they go? haven't seen them in ages!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for silk amnesia roses. Where can I find them , would they be local floral shops?

Anonymous said...

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