A labour of love by Crash Taylor

What is it with photographers and cool names? Crash Taylor photographed the labour of love wedding. I think the last one is set to become the most famous wedding shot ever
Have a look at his blog and website

Call him up and ask him to do your wedding,
"Hey Crash!"- who would want to go through life without ever saying that? I suspect you have to book very early to avoid disappointment.


Mother Hen said...

Amazing photography, congratulations to Mr & Mrs J. What a triumph

Crash Taylor said...

Miss Pickering is super cool. Thank you.

Simon said...

I found your blog from a comment on Cowbelly ages ago, now we have another photog-blog in common. Crash is one of the few wedding photographers in the UK who really pushes the boundaries! Amazing work, and he gives a lot back to the photo community too.

Nice blogmongery here too, Miss P.