A peek at my drawers

I prefer old furniture, my flat pack days are over, Ikea fills me with horror (aside from the fabulous assortment of herrings, the meatballs and Daim bars) As I generally fail to grasp the concept of fit screw B in fitting A, I buy my furniture ready made. Charity shops are great for this, there is one opposite the shop that has had some gems. I purchased these bedside drawers at the weekend, it's a fine line between fabulous and not so sometimes and I can't quite decide if they work. It doesn't help that they are actually quite low, and me being a princess and all, my bed is very high, they do however have the most charming Bakelite handles.
Whilst I mull it over they are sitting in the shop window.

Other things being mulled over

Is Shakira really only 4'11''?
Nigel Slater, like his recipes, not sure about the television programme
Julia Mackenzie....is she just annoying as Miss Marple? I think it's the voice
Christmas...there I have said it.
Did I dream my smoke alarm going off at 5.09am?
3 bad hair days in a row, surely tomorrow will be the day it all goes right?
Piquet versus Briatore


KELLY said...

ready to play furniture is wonderful. and your new finds look fabulous! we do a bit of mixy matchy here chez mcc...most of the ikea pieces have horror stories to match {mostly of me and c coming to blows over the assembly!}

shakira shakira. i never knew she was so teeny either...has she ever been spotted alongside miss minogue for real evidence??
nigel. personally nothing can be more satisfying than reading his words but i am still drawn to watching his gentle ways too. new book out soon...talking of christmas it will be on my list to the man in red.

today is a bad hairday here made worse by ker-azy fen winds. could be headscarves tomorrow! Xx

Anonymous said...

Really like the idea os the drawers and you are making a good impact on the environment by recycling.
- yaay you and your carbon footprint.