Baby it's cold outside

1. Even I have given up the flip-flops. Ballet pumps and fishnet stockings are the order of the day. This is the first official "foot" shot, we can now pronounce ourselves a proper blog.
2. Todays bouquets are being warmed up with orange chilli peppers and crocosmia.
3. Penhaligon's Love Potion is my winter signature scent.
4. Leonidas rose love it or hate it...I can't decide.It should be perfect for this time of year, but there is something about it that is a bit contrived, is it too perfect?

Last night with the fire on, we feasted on cheese and butter with truffles in it. I LOVE truffles, the earthy, musky taste is like nothing else.
Whilst I tried desperately to concentrate on newsnight, The Hound and Mr Ferrari practiced their magic tricks. It seems they are planning a career change, The Hound already a member of the magic circle, has recruited Mr F as his glamorous assistant......you can expect a UK tour of village halls to be announced very soon.

Other topics of conversation have been, Come Dine with Me, it seems the whole of Stamford are into competitive dining, Mandelson for leader? should the big table go back where it was? What is the weather like in Istanbul? Which image to use for the advert?


{Love, Love, Love} said...

I gave up my beloved flip flops last week.
Onto the Emu boots now I thinks! x

Mrs B said...

Flip flops were put away many moons ago in Manchester - they had a brief outing in Cornwall in early September. My faithful 'between season' plimsolls have not given enough toe warmth for the last week..I am considering furry boots with support tights tomo....what a glamorous life I lead!

Anonymous said...

where are those shoes from? i love them.

Anonymous said...

Opposite day for me. Loving the Spring fresh feeling in the air. Still attached to my ug boots at night but the flip flops are waiting to be Christened.
I think I like that rose ! :)