The Burghley Wedding Fayre November 8th 2009

Gosh! can it really be that time of year again? It would appear so.
Do you remember last year? Well apparement this year is bigger and better, there is a Champagne bar.......
You can book tickets online...hooray how modern.
Yours truly will be in The Great Hall, with 1.The Mother Hen and 2.some folded aspidistra leaves and diamante studded roses. One of these statements is untrue....You decide which.
It is sure to be a fabulously inspiring day, you can probably choose a venue, a dress, a horse and carriage and a florist all on the same day.
Here are some top tips from somebody who has been to two wedding fayres in her whole life.
1. You will get a goodie bag for filling with leaflets, so you probably just need to bring a small clutch bag.
2. Wear flat shoes, there will be a lot of things to see, and you might want to stroll around the grounds.
3. Don't come armed with your 6ft foamex mood board, save that for a one on one consultation. Pop a few fabric swatches in your clutch instead.
4. If you are getting married in September....BOOK everything you haven't already at the fayre, it is the most popular month to get married at the moment.
5. Sharpen your elbows, it gets busy.

Anybody who is coming in the hope of getting a glimpse of The Hound or Mr Ferrari will be disappointed, they will mainly be doing boy things that day.
I will have a crisis over what to wear, so if it turns out to be one of my more eclectic looks, just smile. Last year I fashioned a little headpiece out of Grand Prix roses...fancy.

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Mrs B said...

Love, love, love it! Even I'm tempted to attend. Hope u get lots of lovely visitors who are keen to give u free reign on their flowers. Look forward to photos of the stand and more importantly, the outfit lowdown xxx