Fuzzy felt

Yesterday I spent the late afternoon playing fuzzy felt. Do you remember it from back in the day? The iconic shapes, jumping dog, girl with ponytail etc? Did you know it was conceived in the Second World War by a lady who cut gaskets for tanks in a shed? Well you do know, file it away for the next game of Trivial Pursuits or the pub quiz.
I was joined in this session of fuzzy felting by The Very Polite Young Boy
It soon became evident that i was far more interested in creating pictures out of felt offcuts than he was, there was something rather wonderful about just creating. No need to worry about shelf life, whether it was commercially viable, or rude customers....I have had a right chestnut today.

Next week? pictures from macaroni.

In honour of all things fuzzy, i have discovered the glow function on Picasa. Hi-tech stuff.

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KELLY said...

what a beautiful new banner! looking at blogs in the proper way is so much better than bloglines...i nearly missed out on the loveliness at the top of the page!

ah fuzzy felts. such fond memories come flooding back and i wonder if any of my boxes are stashed away in my folks' attic? i'm having a flashback of little flowers and woodand creatures and thinking there started a lifetime obsession with arranging and layout love : )

(btw i like a post with a factoid. duly noted and i only hope one day i can impress a team somewhere with the new knowledge!)

i keep meaning to tell you that it was a different photo prog that i use...called picnik...i stumble on it time to time via flickr. google it and see if it takes your fancy : )

one more week for me at work and then i shall come visit to see your autumnal emporium. kisses.