My life would suck without you

Thumbs Up
Pumpkins and chilli plants, I love the gnarled ones.
Kelly Clarkson
New sandwiches at Marks
Finally measuring The Hound. Nose to tip of tail 1.93m, this is with the tail straight, which never really happens in real life. Foot to shoulder 79cm.
A wedding free weekend, the second this year - what the devil to do?
Visitors to the shop

Thumbs down

Dropping a box of pins 2,500 pins
Another one? Will there be any of us left?
Postal strikes
George Clooney having surgery - we love the distinguished wrinkles or is that just me?

Laters baked potatoes xoxo

1 comment:

Mrs B said...

Lovley pumpkins Miss P ;)
Got a tube of corsage magnets? pin problem solved.
Strangely, I'm also wedding free this weekend - it doesn't feel like Friday at all. Enjoy xxx