Now the party's over

So far this morning we have
Listened to Roxy Music....Avalon
Voted for a double breasted tux
Eaten a cheese and red onion toastie loving made by Sue at the Hair House.
Made up some bouquets.
Solved the mystery of the missing mixing bowl - were you wondering?
Had a visit from Monsieur Le Grump.
Discovered that conker championships are merely a smokescreen for real ale drinking and pipe smoking. The Hound rolled in at 3a.m.

Has your morning been equally as exciting?


renaissance said...

Hyacinths already?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeously pink - not as exciting by a long shot - quiet in comparison - thank goodness- Have a lovely "quiet" weekend.

Miss Pickering said...

The hyacinths were for the Christmas shoot, but people have already been buying them....

The pinks are so gorgeous, but this weekends wedding of reds, oranges and fuschias is really beautiful