Por una cabeza

I love this colourway, warm ivory, browns, and dare I say it......peach. Today's bridal bouquet, a warm ivory and gold dress and boys in uniform.

It has been a busy day in town, Stamford School Open day has meant an influx of Range Rovers and Bentley Continentals. There is a distinct unwritten dress code for this sort of thing. Boys MUST be in something a la Jack Wills, fathers in jeans and jacket, pinstriped or tweed depending on age and how old the money is.
For the mothers/wives there are 3 distinct categories, depending on which wife you are.
First Wives club - tweed, sensible shoes, Labrador hairs.
The "difficult" second wife - designer all the way, probably Armani, sunglasses a must, the botox needs topping up.
The Third "Daddy please let it be the last" wife - DVF wrap dress, eyebrow raising heels and a smile, these ladies are pre-botox, smiling is still possible.

Now if you will excuse me, I feel a tango coming on.



Anonymous said...

v funny wive's club. With no experience of same it seems to ring true. L O L

Anonymous said...

giggling here - peach - I have peach roses in my kitchen today! ( mind you theya re the most gorgeous old fashioned ones that only last a little while ) - worth it!