There's no business like showbusiness

During the wedding season, our little shop gets taken over by roses, peonies, jam jars and swatches of ivory fabric. Sometimes it can be difficult for people not of a bridal nature to fight their way through the organza, and make a purchase. For this I apologise, and The Hound has spent the last 2 days, putting the shop back together. He has unearthed some beautiful vintage pots, 8 pairs of florist scissors and a gentleman who came in to buy some flowers in March, Seemingly very happy surviving on Caramac bars and reading back copies of Brides magazine. So far the changes have brought about several complaints....the shop is too tidy.

A friend emailed me an article that states Sagittarians are twice as likely to succeed in show business as any other star sign. They cited Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Donny Osmond as examples of Sagittarians doing well.

It seems we are driven, ambitious and broad-minded but at times argumentative and blunt. I plead guilty to argumentative and blunt, and will think about X factor as next year's project.


{Love, Love, Love} said...

Ooohh, I fancy a Caramac now! x

KELLY said...

i can see it now...introducing miss p and les fleurs...with very special support act the hound. i am starting the queue for tickets to your concert! Xx