Jewel colours and paper garlands

Tablecentres for a party, have helped to detract peoples attention away from the window. The Hound and I attempted to make paper chains last night, although after welcoming in the Beaujolais Nouveau, we didn't get on quite as well as we had hoped. The Hound kept sticking them on himself, which he thought was a great hoot. He started with a bangle, which turned into 4 full on legwarmers, a jaunty hat and a multi-stranded necklace. So instead we have piled all the odds and ends on top of Ye Olde wooden crates.....twee.

Also we discovered Poppy is looking for a home, and oh my I would love a red skirt.

May your days be merry and bright


Mother Hen said...

Poppy the gorgeous puppy, named after a flower......is it a sign? Hope The Hound doesn't confuse her with a somewhat pesky black & white cat though. It is your birthday soon, so red skirts may be appropriate and also I am loving the jewel colours

Anonymous said...

Definitely looking festive!!!!- what a gorgeous wee pup. She will find a home for sure with a cute little face like that.