A short play

The scene is set in the kitchen, enter stage left
Miss P: My Dearest Mr Ferrari, what did you do today?
Mr Ferrari: I made some bread.
Miss P: How wonderful, did you make much?
Mr Ferrari: About 27 loaves.
Miss P: Oh my!

The next evening, scene is set in the kitchen, both characters replete after a supper of stuffed Portobello mushrooms.
Mr Ferrari: I think I should make prawn butter
Miss P: Potted prawns?
Mr Ferrari: No, prawn butter, you blitz shell on prawns with butter, lemon and cayenne pepper, the recipe is in that book.
Mr Ferrari points to large book entitled, The big book of interesting and beguiling things to cook.
Miss P (reading the recipe): You are right, you blitz it all together shell, eyes and all.....but it says here that you need a special fine drum sieve, and who has one of those lying around the house?
Mr Ferrari (opens draw to reveal said drum sieve): Ta da!

Miss P rolls eyes, laughs and smiles fondly, safe in the knowledge that you can freeze cream


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Mother Hen said...

Huge thanks to Mr Ferrari for his delightful offerings. The bread was exceptional and the prawn butter scrumptious......such wonderful food parcels are indeed a treat