Jars of mistletoe

Things have been a little hectic.
Richard Gere has not turned up yet.
I have spent the night in a museum.
And another night in a bird sanctuary.
I cannot bend my left knee.
When we speak again, I will be another year older.
I have been given the gift of cake.
Mistletoe is my new favourite thing.



KELLY said...

ah the knee thing...the cakes are a good cure! {and they are v beautiful cakes indeed} loving the mistletoe too and the buttonholes.

hoping you have some less hectic time ahead to enjoy your birthday...may all your dreams come true when the clock ticks round. XxX

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday I am guessing :)

Anonymous said...

hippo birdy!!!

Mrs B said...

Happy happy birthday Miss P. Hope it's been a lovely one and a proper day off xx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss Pickering

May all your birthday wishes come true!

Have a good one.

Miss Duddington