The mission if you choose to accept it....

Turn this reindeer into a centre piece featuring silvers and reds.

You have 16 hours.

He has antlers but they are detachable, and at present are detached.

It looks like Lalique, but it isn't.

You may use the glitter silver apples.

This post will self destruct in 10 minutes.

I think i need a gin.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh---I can't wait to see this one

Mrs B said...

I was given a frighteningly similar mission this time last year. The only difference being the 'lalique'esque deer v the cheap sisal deer that was passed over my counter. I found a large posy pad provided the perfect woodland floor for my deer- I was however able to pin my cheap northern equivalent to the posy pad.....I wouldn't recommend trying that. Maybe you could leave a 'clearing' for it to sit on once it has arrived at it's destination. Good luck with your mission. Looking forward to seeing the results xx