I'm a florist....get me out of here

If you open a flower shop, you will probably never go on holiday again.
It is a secret that people don't tell you. I am telling you, take a lot of holiday before you open.
A day trip to the coast is enough but when the opportunity arises to get away for a night, it is all the more exciting. I am a big fan of the Sunday night escape. Hotels offer great deals on a Sunday, as everybody else is checking out and thinking of the dreaded Monday morning, your break has just started.
The Mother Hen and I headed to Harrogate, and stayed ici. It was top notch, I found a new gin, served on ice with fresh strawberries, ate foie gras with pistachio and cherry, and had french toast for breakfast.
1. The hotel has good bathing and showering facilities.
2. I wore my porn star shoes all weekend, the other great thing about not being in the shop is you don't need practical footwear.
3. Catching up with my god-daughter.
4. It is hard not to have a nose at other flower shops, Caine of Harrogate is beautiful, the outside display was stunning, and he wore a nice hat.
5. Should Anonymous be serious in his proposal, i am not a diamond girl, either of these Aquamarines would be just perfect. Available from a jewellers that also does tiara hire.
6. The Hound post rainstorm.

So I am rushing off to purchase copious amounts of topiary,
what inspired you this weekend? Does that sound cheesey?
Forgive me.


Mother Hen said...

Miss Pickering forgot to mention that we shopped until we dropped (quite literally) and bagged many sale bargains. It felt as is if we packed a week into 36 hours!

Simon said...

Did the hound visit my lovely hometown too? I went to a pub quiz not 200m away from the hotel du v on Sunday night, it would have been very strange to bump in to him here!

Miss Pickering said...

How very lucky you are to live in Harrogate, I think it is practically perfect in every way. The Hound stayed at home, being without him is a very strange reality, I felt like i had lost my right arm.

Simon said...

You must bring him next time, I'll buy him a Betty's sausage roll.

Oh My! Floral said...
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Oh My! Floral said...

Gin, on ice with strawberries?

Anonymous said...

as a florist over here in america i have found this blog to be my source of inspiration and laughter after the crazy long days! This post in particular was fantastic. from never take a holiday again to porn star shoes it made my heart warm. thank you for the laughs!