Snow day

The Hound is more enthusiastic than co-ordinated.
On Sunday we met a Great Dane, that was the biggest dog you ever did see. He made The Hound look like a hamster.
There is so much still to catch up on,like how I got the Cheryl Cole CD for Christmas, and haven't stopped playing it, or how I spent New Year's Eve in A&E with The Other Miss Pickering having her head sewn back together - it must be noted that no alcohol was involved, and she is on the mend.
And of course Mr Ferrari has cooked a gazillion delicious meals, and I have made him a cheese sandwich.

Also The Hound has grown extra fur between his paws, this must be because of the cold, it is a curious thing, is it just him?

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Simon said...

Finally! Very nice. It's time the hound had his own blog to spare me all the flowermongery.