Miss P and the ham hock

Buying a ham hock at the Farmers Market seemed like a good idea, for a couple of British Pounds I would have enough meat and stock to feed The Hound and I for a week. Boil it up with donkey carrots and leek, thyme, peppercorns, and a couple of hours later ham the falls off the bone. Allow to cool in the stock, remove, then add pearl barley boil for an hour, add curly kale and you have a nutritious broth. The whole process only takes 27 hours.
Obviously it doesn't but it did seem to take all day, and by the end of it I was very much over being all Hugh Fearnley Whatshisstall.

I picked out the ham, and ate it with salted ricotta, highly out of season vine ripened cherry tomatoes and a big hunk of sour dough.
My heart will always belong to Italy.

Have you got your new Joules Cat-A-Zine? Have you looked at pages 44 and 45? The double page article on yours truly? No? Then rush out to your nearest shop and get one, or sign up to their mailing list now.

I am a contributor along with THE Jimmy Doherty. The one from the television, you know ,the one with the pig's, Jamie Oliver's Best friend.

More on that later.....


Mrs B said...

Just dug my joules out from the pile that I usually ignore.....wow! What a fantastic piece. Well done you. Hope it brings thousands of paying visitors to your beautiful new website. Now get back to stripping those roses ; ) xxx

Anonymous said...

Do you wear Joules wellies or Hunters?

Miss Pickering said...

I can currently be seen weearing a bright yellow Hunter, but I am very taken by the new Joules wellies with a big bow...page 63.

Always on brand.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss P

Wow! Fab article! You need to grab yourself a pair of those wellies with the big bows. Bright red I think - go for it!

With affection, as always.

Miss Duddington