We are back........sort of

A huge thank you to Mr Naylor for keeping this blog going whilst we suffered technical problems and did Mother's day and stuff.

If you want more of his writing, follow his blog, he also tweets, he writes a column for the Farmers weekly, and now he is a "media" farmer, I feel quite sure he will be wheeled out and be starring on a tv or radio show somewhere near you very soon.

We are in possession of a new laptop. It isn't a Mac, they are just too expensive, maybe next time. This new one has a full size keyboard, which is good for typing, but it does look like it came off the Thunderbirds set. It is in full working order, and with everything from the old one on it. This was done by the chaps at ACR, this is the third time they have saved me, thank you.

Of course now the blackberry has gone berserk, i have to send it back to be fixed.

I am hoping that they don't work out the reason it might be playing up is because i dropped it in a roasting tin complete with joint and roasting juices.

And all because the lady loves the last bit of crackling, the really crispy bit which could have a tooth out, but you can see it is encrusted with fennel seeds and burnt garlic. The Aristocrat grabbed for it too, there was a scuffle, the blackberry got in the way.

Sort of? We are back blogging, but the shop is closed for a few days. The Fair is in town, chaos reigns supreme. A few days to catch up, recharge, re inspire. If it's good enough for Ferrán Adriá, it's good enough for Miss P.


Mrs B said...

Welcome back Miss P. I am very jealous of your few days off. You are always one step ahead! I thought to myself this morning - why didn't we shut the shop this week?....please remind me next year.

Darcy said...

Ah Miss P just the person I need, my step children gave me a gorgeous bunch of roses on Mothering Sunday (they came from Sainsbury believe it or not) & I have arranged them as best I can in a small goldfish bowl! Wish I could attach a photo because they are all bright yellows, oranges etc and there is one in particular with almost frilled edges to its orangey petals & I would love to know what it is! I can't find a picture anywhere online, can I email a photo to your shop?

Becca said...

I made the mistake of being in town at 12 noon as the trucks came into town. I think I'm in everyones photo's.
I walked by the shop. I was inspired by your heart map

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Ahhhhh, I love the sight of a contented hound

Simon said...

Nice houndography! Try dialling in +1/2 or +1 on the large thumbdial when you do close-ups of light coloured subjects, it will brighten them up a bit.

Mother Hen said...

I didn't realise that the Hound even twirled his tongue to order, well captured Miss P xxxx

Miss Pickering said...

Darcy, email me the picture, i will do my best to identify.

Mrs B I will remind you xx

Simon thanks for the tip, these were snapped whilst we were languishing in bed, and i just happened to have my camera on the bedside table? - we won't go into that.

How far can he bend his nose?!