The Hunk Off Who wins? You decide.

Whilst the boys have been drooling over Miss Dahl, Channel 4 and BBC2 have provided us girls with a little eye candy.

In the blue corner Landscape Man
Likes Monstera
Has a penchant for leather
Can drive a digger
Isn't Tommy Walsh

In the red corner Monty Halls
Has a Land Rover and a dog

Cast your votes.


MrsP said...

I'll go with Monty- nice dog and digger driving not high up on my drool list...Jx

Becca said...

The dog seals it for me!

Jenny Rudd said...

I dig a digger. Sign me up for landscape dude

KELLY said...

monty please. on a totally shallow note i'm not a fan of the digger's hair!

Anonymous said...

Definately Monty Halls!! He stopped me turning over the other night to watch Jamie.
Love your blog being a beginner florist and voted for your blog on Dorset Cereals!!

Unknown said...

Monty yes please. In fact I've seen him in real life and is so tall. Yes I am with you Kelly the landscape guys hair is a bit greasy!