Lunching au jardin

There were flowers in jam jars and pressed glass vases, trout I caught myself baked in a salt crust, and The Hound stood about looking pretty.

Mr Naylor, and My Beloved Boys were in attendance, we talked of flowers, weddings, interesting encounters at the goose fair, jam jars and Land Rovers.

I had planned more fancy details name cards and the like, but i had a problem with the table. I decided to purloin a table from the shop, it seemed innocent enough, but somehow got itself wedged in the laundry room. At one point The Hound was trapped in the garden, and I was trapped in between the table legs. It took an hour of cursing a few tears to free us both. We can do without the table in the shop, It is staying where it is for the moment....

The Hound was well behaved, lazed about on his sheepskin rug (he doesn't really like to lie on grass/dirt) and generally behaved in a cool and elegant way, until he had a mad 5 minutes and demonstrated why i don't have a lawn anymore. Rudolph Nureyev one moment, Tasmanian devil the next

I love these men, I wanted to lock the door so they couldn't leave, but i think that could be construed as kidnap.


Mrs B said...

Loving the curved corners.
Mr B talks of the Goose fair once in a while. It is always linked to mushy peas with mint sauce.
Your weekend sounds perfect.....well, almost!

Simon said...

I like the photo filterage, and the corners too...which app did you use?

Are you coming up to the Spring Flower Show this year? I'd like to say hello and pick your brains about a blog project if you are, and could spare half an hour...

Seen this? http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/

Miss Pickering said...

It's not an effect, at home i live in a 1960's rounded corner effect. email me and i will let you into the secret that Kelly from Last Day of May shared with me.

Not sure about Harrogate, wedding dependent, certainly hope to.

Yes i know and adore that blog, did you see the Telegraph article on this chap?

Simon said...

I like that link, thanks - you probably know these as well, but JIC:




They all need more dogs though...I will mail you for secretive photo-tips.

Simon said...

I sent you a mail to flowers at misspickering dot com and got this message:

"A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: (yours)

mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded"

Maybe it was because I attached some pics? Got another address?

Miss Pickering said...

no, but i have been having problems sending them to brides with pics. Is it a big file? Maybe try splitting them out?

Or are they pictures of dubious content?

I am seriously intrigued