A giveaway to say thank you for voting - again not connected to events over the past few days, I am not an MP, just to be clear.

The cereal has arrived.

Now our lives are complete.

If truth be known i have had the eggcup and associated cosy since Saturday.

The Prize is...............some cereals*

and a Dorset Cereal jute bag
and a signed photograph of The Hound
and a copy of Sally Page's book Flower Shop in your garden, featuring us.

We will find a photo of The Hound looking slightly more interested than this one from this morning.

To enter simply leave a comment below with your name and your favourite sandwich filling. Anyone can enter, we will post cereal to anyone in the world**

Entries close on Friday at 6pm BST, and we will draw a winner to be announced on Saturday at some point.

So whether your are jeering, cheering or simply looking perplexed at the door of number 10 today, enter the giveaway, who wouldn't want a box of chocolate granola with macadamia nuts?

The Hound has eaten this one already, sorry.

*some cereal will mean anything that The Hound hasn't eaten by Saturday.
**provided your resident country allow cereals in, if not just the photo and the book.

I have written cereal so many times i am beginning to question whether or not i am spelling it correctly.


Samantha Spriggs said...

Tuna, mayo, red onion (finely chopped) and olives. Served with some green leaves from the garden between 2 slices of bread - your choice.

MrsP said...

You see I can think no further than fish fingers for sandwich fillings now... (your fault!) or maybe mashed potatoes (but that may just be a paticular private thing that I shouldn't tell people about?? ditto fried mushrooms?)
No! you know what?? really good sausages and tomato ketchup- not healthy but just delicious...
Jasmine x
PS Cairo has seconded the sausages as a filling.

bxcolby said...

Sometimes it just has to be egg mayo. If I'm in sheffield there's a place that does a wonderful cream cheese and pastrami. I have also been known to make blue chese and mango chutney...

Gemma Mortlock said...

Ah ha congrats to you and the Hound!!!
Hmm favourite sandwich filling? has to be cold baked beans....absolutely scrummy, low cost but plays hell with your belly the next day. Oh the price to pay for pleasure! he he xx

stephen@scent said...

Love an old Etonian, they are under represented in the powerful strata of society...

Cheddar cheese, Branston pickle, salad cream and a few tomatoes if you get the urge.

Sandwiches, flowers and politics. They make the world go round...

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Awesome! Since I can't enjoy the case of cereal I won earlier for voting your blog (as I am not living in the UK so I have the case sent to a friend in London instead), maybe I will get real lucky this time since u r cool enough to include international readers!

Fav sandwish filling, prob crayfish and spinach / tuna n egg mayo.. certainly don't mind nice roast beef either..

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Well favourite sandwich fillings i thought that i was the only one who loved mashed potato sandwiches Mrs P, even better with a duck egg (unhealthy fried of course). However, when I am peckish at night a vine ripened tomato sandwich is heaven for me, of course the traditional chip butty and when i am passing the lovely deli village shop in Great Bowden their pork with stuffing and apple sauce is just to die for.

Of course, Watson agrees with me, he is getting one chubby woof.

MrsMac said...

Just reading about sandwiches has made me go to the deli toute suite. Corned Beef and pickle for me.
I have a sticky stress dot on my wrist (don't ask) and it has gone from dangerous red to a relaxed green after reading your post. I had withdrawal symptoms.

Unknown said...

Boring to many, but I never tire of egg and cress. I like to tart it up by using bantam eggs, proper watercress, and homemade mayo seasoned with mustard, celery salt and black pepper. I like the Pret version just as much though, and it's always the cheapest sandwich option!

Just Original said...

I love egg made with salad cream, rather than mayonnaise!

Well done on winning the award by the way!

Vanessa x

Becca said...

Near Hampstead there is a wonderous place that sells my all time fave winning combo...
Chicken escalope, a slice of cheese and apple sauce, toasted on ciabatta. LOVE IT! x

Mrs B said...

crunchy peanut butter, thickly sliced cucumber and lots of crispy lettuce.....I would never however order that in public.....so my 'out in public option' would be swiss cheese, salad, gherkins and mustard mayo.

Did you see Mrs Cameron's shoes last night?

Omelette Arnold Bennett and Yorkshire curd tart thoroughly enjoyed at the weekend...thanks for the heads up xxxx

Twinkleberry said...

Oh, my favorite sandwich filling is roasted aubergine (thinly sliced), soft and creamy goats cheese, some pine nuts and some fresh Rocket leaves! So yum!

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Chunky white bread, butter, ilchester applewood and just the one ring of purple onion.

{Love, Love, Love} said...

The best thing to go between two slices of bread (although I do prefer a nice soft roll to be honest) is some lovely thick sliced British bacon - yum! x

Unknown said...

Nice garlicky dill pickles. I don't really care what else is in there- if there is a load of pickles- I'm in.

nicky said...

my favourite sandwich is the Jerk Chicken sandwich from Waitrose-jerk chicken,mango relish and spinach, yummy!!
dorset cereals are my favourite breakfast tipple and I love their pecan and date bars!
plus I'm a fellow florist......

3 reasons why I should win!!

thank you,love your blog x

Simon said...


harriet Hat Peg said...

Well I've always had a liking for crisp sandwiches; cheese & onion, salt & vinegar, chicken etc etc. When I was small there was a company that produced crisps in the north east called Tudor and for a short while made kipper crisps - they were really lovely...... Cheese and Celery sandwiches are nice.

Maman Poulet said...

"Ello" it is me in disguise, trying to enter ze competition although I think that Simon may be streets ahead of the crowd!
Rare roast beef and horseradish on Hambleton bakery bread and lots of sal de mer buerre xxx

Becca who is taking her herbs on holiday as she has no one to water them (sad) said...

Frosted Shreddies
Hash Brown
Red onion (organic)
Cow and/or prepared butter
Rocket (24 hour Co-op)
Stottie from Greggs purchased at 6.55pm as the shop is closing but still beautifully fresh
Rosemary from your indoor herb garden
Orange Juice
Mr Darcy-esque figure
BBC election coverage

Wash your hands before baking
1. Rise at 3.30am on election morning. Stumble out of bed, stub your toe on the bedside table because you have infact only been asleep for 5 hours
2. Deliver leaflets for your almost MP friend and give lifts to old ladies and men in tweed jackets until 9pm at night. Take care to get as much newspaper print on your hands (and thus your face) as possible.
3. Get home and switch on election coverage.
4. Watch election coverage unfold whilst recieving texts saying that your hard work leafleting is pointless because of the high turnout rate and because of tactical voting
5. Start drinking wine. If its not cold enough put in the freezer. Then think "no time" and consume in vast quantities.
6. Watch election coverage until 2.30am when you become strangely hungry.
7. Consume Frosted Shreddies from the box. Try and avoid crumbs in your bed if possible as even if you change your bed linen, the blighters still remain.
8. Recieve texts saying friend has not won election.
9. Feel awful
10. Drink more wine
11. Sleep
12. Rise
13. By this point the ingredients should be feeling pretty awful, orange juice required. Drink directly from carton. Author recommends tropicana smooth
14. Realise you have nothing in the house because you ate all the frosted shreddies somewhere between 2.30am and 5am.
15. Switch on oven and hob to 170 gas mark 4
16. Place stottie at the bottom of the oven (for those people from the south or international readers a stottie is a Northumberland bread which rises to about 4cm and is cooked at the bottom of the oven)
17. Cut open stottie and place rosemary and butter to melt into the bread and infuse with flavour. Author recommends using utterly butterly (rather than milking a cow and then spending hours churning into butter)
18. Cook sausage and bacon and place into the stottie. Place cooked hash browns into the mix to satisfy the potato criteria in every meal
19. Caramelise onion and insert with rocket
20. Realise you have no ketchup, contemplate using jam as its still red (decide otherwise) and then go without.
21. Take back to bed and consume whilst watching a Mr Darcy-esque character sleep and watch election coverage on the BBC

So what I'm really saying, it that its not WHAT you eat, but rather the atmostphere around the food. I bet some waitrose inspired, organic, infused malarke would have tasted pretty good but nothing tastes as good as a fry up in a stottie when you've got a raging hangover and your friend didn't win the seat they'd been 18 points ahead in.

So if you or the hound did decide to run for Prime Minister, I've got leafleting experience.

Sorry for the unduly long and dramatic sandwich recipe

Garden campness said...

Having originated from Dorset myself, I cannot say I have ever had the pleasure of such cereal!

Has to be vine toms - sliced, buttered bread - brown, white or any variation, salt and pepper and sometimes basil, all at room temperature. Yum!

Racheal Rivers said...

Falafel, houmous and carrot. An M&S filling if my memory is correct. Yummy!

Lula said...

Ok Miss Pickering, this is it.. true confession time of my most guiltiest of sandwich filling!
I should really say cucumber as befits a Golden Afternoon tea maid BUT when the chips are down, I turn to cheese, brie or boursin, and onion..(don't do much kissing afterwards) tomato and lots and lots of hellman's mayo and even more onion chutney.. in warm pitta bread.
As they say naughty but nice

Cherry Townsend said...

Congrats Miss P - delighted that you won.

I would like to say raw grated beetroot and houmus which is the healthy me's fave but really it's brown meat turkey with HP on plain bread. x

stephanie said...

well, one of my very favourite lunch treats has to be stilton and pear sandwich at my very favourite cafe in Newcastle, Olive and Bean. Super savoury blue veiny cheese with deliciously sweet pear in a slightly warm crispy baguette stuffed with salad. Yum!

Or on a depressed day, it just has to be Greggs egg mayonnaise, bacon and tomato relish.

flwrjane said...

Wow! Have you ever had so many comments before? It's not about the giveaway it's a topic everyone can relate to: favorite sandwich filling. You are , of course, a genius.

Warm, ripe tomato from my garden, picked seconds before a squirrel gets it, on toasted panne bread with mayonnaise, fresh basil from same garden,salt, freshly ground pepper and maybe a slice of cheese, maybe not.


Nettie said...

It has to be the humble bacon buttie with lashings of tomatoe sauce, yum yum sheer bliss!

lou said...

the finest sandwich has to be the one a couple of days after christmas made from the leftovers in the fridge. waitrose turkey (butter soaked in muslin for moisture) with apple sausage meat, thyme and onion stuff and red cabbage that was cooked with onions and apples. If you're lucky there are still some crispy roast potato bits lurking to include along with the cranberry sauce and small amount of mayonaise used instead of butter. the bread is wholewheat, thick chunky slices to absorb all the juices.

it's worth waiting the whole year for

florence100 said...

When I was little I used to love a sugar sandwich, but now I am a little bit older it has to be brie and grape for me! Red grapes!

Songbird Designs said...

Congratulations to you and the hound on your win.

My favourite sandwich filling.. Finely chopped roast chook,celery and pistachio nuts with mayo and lettuce. Salt and Pepper. White bread, cut the crusts off. make into small triangles. Feel special.

Amanda said...

Well as we're all admitting to a guilty secret....love it or hate it....marmite and peanut butter on granary bread (even better toasted). However, whilst it brings out the inner child in me and brightens up the grimmest day, it's one that raises too many eyebrows (not always well manicured) when ordered out. For public consumption, it has to be pear and stilton with a hint of watercress and for a Friday night after a night out in "car to bar shoes", it has to be a chip butty with lashings of vinegar....no wonder I won't be winning Miss World!

P.S. Wallace and Gromit both agree with every vote and every posting as they love them all.....although a fresh cherry tomato tops the list for Gromit!

ikkinlala said...

Sharp cheddar, roast beef, and Dijon mustard on a toasted sandwich.

Congratulations on your win!

Unknown said...

A cafe in Doha sells a 'Chicken Kamikaze' which is chicken, chilli, jalapenos, spicy sausage, salad and mayo. It certainly gets your attention!

spindles said...

Saluki boy and I love mashed banana and cream cheese sandwiches - truly delicious.

jane said...

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if we all got together and everyone brought their favourite sandwiches?
Many of my faves are already listed; fish finger, xmas dinner, bacon. I do especially love cold chicken (that I've roasted myself) with mayo. There must be Walker's Cheese and Onion crisps on the side... or even inside!

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Oh dear since the competition started i now have to have everything i have for tea in a piece of bread to try and see what it is like. So Wednesday was chicken and mushroom risotto sandwich and last night was cottage pie sandwich. Oh dear what has been started....good job there isn't a piece of bread to hand to go with my strawberry yoghurt.

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Watson said he only wants to win a signed picture of the hound to go with his Buster (Paul O'grady's late dog) photo.

His entry is anything remotely like food in a sandwich is fine by him...but his favourite is his mummy's egg and bacon sandwich on a sunday morning he shares with her

Hannah said...

I have just had an excellent toasted ciabatta sandwich of brie, ham and cranberry. It is particularly good when the brie drips out the sides and you get to wipe them up with your finger (obviously not in the office!!!)

Right now that is my favourite, tomorrow it might change!

Colette said...

If I'm at home, fried egg and ketchup. If I'm out - egg mayo and cress. Egg - always a winner.

MrsP said...

Can I change my mind about my sandwich?? After much thought it has to be roast free range chicken with some salad leaves from the garden and tarragon mayo on lovely crusty white bread. I know its my favourite because I just ate it and it tasted like heaven. So scrap fish fingers, mash and sausage sandwiches- the chicken one is the fave. Jx

Mother Hen said...

It is too late now so I can say it!!!
Anyone who mentions mashed potato is doomed
To Miss P is is the food of the devil (she says it is all my fault and is the result of a terrible childhood experience.....scarred for life I am afraid) xxx

Jenny Rudd said...

I realise I am rather late but I loved reading everyone's suggestions. My children's fav would be avocado and vegemite. As it keeps them silent for a while for I would like to nominate it as my own favourite. Congrats on winning I hope you feel suitably smug x

Becca said...

Miss p!! I hate mashed potato too. I finely cut herbs and dry fry them into cakes. You can add onion but it's not the same. Amazing with just herbs. Totally suggest. You have to leave them so they aren't totally smooth