I really need to learn how to sew

so that The Hound and I can fill the house with floral cushions.

This is not my house, that is not The Hound.

Just to be clear.

The cereal will be here tomorrow.......which can only mean one thing.

A giveaway.

We are giving away more than just cereal.

Images from You magazine


Laetitia said...

Miss Pickering...I'm sure this is not news to you...but your hound is out-of-this-world beautiful...and i love it..
Today I have mostly been admiring wisteria (bergenias are so last week)...never tried to cut this...probably goes all soft and sorry-for-itself...or perhaps you have a trick?
Did i tell you your hound is delicious?...(as is your blog)

MrsP said...

Sewing isn't as easy as it looks- my machine has gone back in it's box for the time being- it was either that or through the window...

Becca said...

Can I bribe you in any cereal based competition with cakes and cushions?? One of my (few) skills is sewing. My mum insisted I learn and shamefully I'm the only one put my friends able to throw something together or stitch a hem.

It was my second brownie badge after hostessing.

I'm so glad of today's post. I was having withdrawal symptoms from all the twee and preciousness.

flwrjane said...

Miss P., Here you are at last. Don't you have a fridge is your shop? we have three. We put in one especially to chill Champagne for the Hound.

He was a huge help over Mothers Day. Do we have to send him home?

Miss Pickering said...

@Laetitia, why thank you. Wisteria doesn't last long, just enjoy it whilst it does. Longevity is overrated in my book.
@Mrs P You do make me laugh.
@Becca, I can't be bribed, but The Hound? He loves a nice soft cushion
@flwrjane You survived, well done. Could you pop him on the next flight? there is a wedding on.